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FCDA Reveals Why It Demolished Kpokpogri’s Abuja Home



FCDA Reveals Why It Demolished Kpokpogri's Abuja Home

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has revealed why a structure owned by Joseph Egbri a.k.a. Prince Kpokpogri was dismantled in Abuja.

On Saturday, the embattled businessman on Instagram Live stated that he does not know what he did to warrant the demolition because he has all of the legal documents for the property.

However, an advisor to the FCT Minister has now said that Kpokpogri’s house was demolished because it was situated on a key highway.

Attah Ikharo, the Senior Special Assistant to the FCT Minister on Monitoring, Inspection, and Entrustment, also spoke out, claiming that the building had not received approval from the appropriate agencies.

“His house is on a superhighway known as M-16. He doesn’t even have a building plan approval. It’s like somebody who knows that the highway is coming sold the land to him and he just went to build. We have been asking him to stop but he refused.

“In Abuja, before you build, you must get building plan approval. There was no approval at all for him. The place was initially allocated to somebody long ago. So I think the person now sold it to somebody who then sold it to him. When he discovered that it was a road, He didn’t stop but kept rushing the building. The whole building was built in less than a year.

“The Federal Housing Authority Managing Director came here twice this week. The MD came the day before yesterday (Thursday) that they didn’t give him approval and the building was illegally constructed

“The FCDA Executive Secretary also came, adding that it was illegally constructed. We came here twice this week asking him to vacate because of the superhighway,” Ikharo said.