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VIDEO: Omoni Oboli Fights With Thugs At Movie Shoot



Omoni Oboli Fights With Thugs At Movie Shoot

Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli recently got into an altercation with thugs while shooting a movie.

The actress shared a video of the altercation on her Instagram, complaining that the thugs were preventing her from shooting her movie scene.

According to Oboli, she had already gotten approval from above to shoot at the location but the tout proved stubborn and vowed not to leave until he gets his money.

Taking to her Instagram page, Omoni stated that the only thing that gets her upset is when one tries to come in between her and her work

According to her, this set of people makes acting tiring for her as they often think they can mess with her because of her stature.

“These people make shooting so tiring! When you try to come between me and my work, I get MAD! This guy probably thought he could mess with a small woman. E shock am las las today! Me that I haven’t closed my eyes for almost 48 hrs wey body don dey pepper me already!”

Oboli is currently filming the third installment of her film ‘Wives on Strike.

Watch video below;